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Norlandia Epic kindergarten is inspired by the Scandinavian teaching method, currently considered one of the best in the world. This teaching model is aimed at supporting the creative activity of children and develops all their competences

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We implement the core program in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education and our program is based on holistic education methods. We care about the cosmopolitan education of children. In addition, we introduce elements of the Maria Montessori method, pedagogy of intimacy, glottodidactics, mathematical education and classes in Russian, English, Swedish and Norwegian. 

Our mission

At the Norlandia Epic kindergarten we attach importance to the development of children on many levels. We approach each of our children individually, being aware of the different needs of the little ones. In addition to the implementation of the core program, we try to ensure that the classes effectively combine play with learning and are attractive for children. We want to provide children with the highest quality of education, we use elements of many methods - we take a holistic approach to child development, so that our little graduates are distinguished by their readiness for great achievements.

Our priority is to provide children with a safe, friendly environment that will be a second home for them. To do this, we take tender care of children and pay attention to their individual needs. Our highly qualified staff also makes every effort to help children achieve more and more independence and build self-esteem from an early age. We also know how creative, age-appropriate activities are stimulating for children, which is why in our institutions we place great emphasis on developing skills through play. - says Dorota Heith, Vice President of the Management Board of Norlandia Polska.

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Our Community

The Norlandia Epic Scientific Kindergarten (Preschool) is part of the NHC group to which all Norlandia units in Poland belong.

We rely on many years of experience of the whole group to give our children the best part of ourselves every day.

The Norlandia Group has been active in Poland since 2017, we are proud of our work and the people who bravely accompany us in our development. As a community, we use the available social media channels, we want to be closer to Parents and their needs.

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As part of the adaptation classes, parents can participate in all activities of the kindergarten together with their children every day for up to 5 working days. The aim of the adaptation classes is for the child to get to know the place, people working in it and to get to know the daily schedule of the unit. The most important thing during adaptation classes is the cooperation between the Parents and the Teacher.

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